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Dominator Comp T.A.S.

Dominator Comp T.A.S.

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* Leather and synthetic material upper * Specific supermoto coumpound T.A.S. (Total Anchor System) rubber sole with quick and easy replaceable sliders * F.C.S. (Flex Contro System) with incorporated anti-scratch bike protection * Injection moulded plastic protections * Personalized suede leather heat protector * Adjustable velcro closure * Repleacable/adjustable aluminium articulated ''Security Lock'' buckles * Steel to cap


* Removable and replaceable Thermoshock '00' padder inner sock * Personalized and thermoformed Forma inner lining * I.S.S. (Incorporated Steel Shank) midsole * Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with A.P.S. (Air Pump System)

T.A.S. (Total Anchor System)

An original patent-pending supermoto sole with quick and easy replaceable sliders.  The replacement sole is furnished with black/zama sliders and the sliders may also be purchased separaqtely as spare parts.  The black/zama sliders are made of a strong polyurethane compound with Zama (zinc, aluminium and magnesium which assure elevated abrasion resistance) inserts.

  • F.C.S. (Flex Control System)
  • Security Lock Buckles
  • Dominator Comp Alu Print
  • Leather Heat Protector
  • Personalized Inner Sock
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