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Dominator Comp 2.0

Dominator Comp 2.0

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Leather and synthetic material upper / Skywalk® double density
rubber sole with replaceable insert / F.C.S. (Flex Control System) with incorporated anti-scratch bike protection / Injection moulded plastic protections / Personalized rubber heat protector / Adjustable velcro closure / Replaceable/adjustable aluminium articulated “Evo Security Lock” buckles / Moulded Zama toe cap


Removable and replaceable Thermoshock’00’® padded inner
sock / Personalized and thermoformed Forma inner lining / I.S.S.
(Incorporated Steel Shank) with anti-shock felt midsole / Anti-bacterial replaceable footbed with A.P.S. (Air Pump System)

  • F.C.S. (Flex Control System)
    An exclusive and consolidated anti-torsion system that allows ample front-to-back flex movement thus guaranteeing maximum safety.
  • Security Lock Buckles
    Our adjustable/replaceable aluminium articulated 'Security Lock' buckles assure safety thanks to tow release points, so no need to worry about open buckles.
  • Dominator Comp Alu Print
    The personalized alu and plastic cover in the toe area is an added feature in our top of the line competition cross boot. Protection is never enough.
  • Leather Heat Protector
    Our personalized suede leather heat protector offers exceptional durability and adherence during riding
  • Skywalk Sole
    Excellent grip and durability are characterized by our Skywalk soles. The inserts and/or soles can be easily replaced and are offered in our spare parts program.
  • Personalized Inner Sock
    Thermoshock '00' padding in the critical ankle area and air mesh lining assure safety and breathability. Added features like the easy pull strap and elastic neoprene make the sock easy to wear
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