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Spare parts

Rear Sprockets

Mika Sprockets are made of the highest quality aluminum to withstand the rigors of off-road racing. They are light, contain self cleaning grooves to improve sprocket life, and have a tooth design which allows for increased power transfer.

Air Foam Filter 2 Wheels

The DT-1 air filters is manufactured with the highest quality bonded dual layer foam available. DT-1’s world class foam technology delivers maximum airflow while maintaining critical engine protection. The DT-1 filter comes with an exclusive super seal base which eliminates the need for grease.

Brake Pads

Mika Metals brake pads are made from an advanced sintered metal technology which generates more stopping power in wet and dry conditions. They are designed specifically for MX and off-road racing and have a progressive feel with no brake fade. Their premium high performance provides a faster way to stop.

Paper Oil Filters

DT1 Oil Filters are offered in paper.  DT-1 oil filters are manufactured to meet and exceed factory specs.  Unlike most paper filters on the market, DT-1 paper filters are built with a high quality paper for maximum filtration and performance.

Front Sprockets

Mika Sprockets are made of the highest quality steel to withstand the rigors of off-road racing. They are light, contain self cleaning grooves to improve sprocket life, and have a tooth design which allows for increased power transfer.

Handlebar 7/8 SERIE

Constructed from the highest quality aerospace aluminum for maximum strength, the pro series handlebar is also engineered to ‘’flex’’ for reduced arm fatigue. Mika handlebars contain multiple applications for personalized fit, and are also available in 7/8’’ and 1 1/8’’


Handlebar Bends Information



Mika Metals Racing chains are made of high quality brushings to reduce friction between plates. They are built to withstand high impact loads in the worst conditions. Their lightweight combined with high tensile strength creates the ultimate racing chain. The 415 CRM Series chain has 120 links. We HIGHLY recommend the use of a master link press to press on the master link as the chains are designed not to have any slack.

Tear Offs

DT-1 manufactures tear-offs for most all makes and models of goggles. All tear-offs are manufactured in house in the USA.

Handlebar 1 1/8 SERIE

Constructed from the highest quality aerospace aluminum for maximum strength, the pro series handlebar is also engineered to ‘’flex’’ for reduced arm fatigue. Mika handlebars contain multiple applications for personalized fit, and are also available in 7/8’’ and 1 1/8’’


Handlebar Bends Information


Handlebar 1 1/8 HYBRID

Hybrid Series handlebars are truly a marvel of engineering. It is the first oversize handlebar in the world that fits on 7/8" clamps. The patent pending design is the most unique idea to shake up the handlebar industry in quite some time. They retain all the flex properties the pro series handlebars and allow you to run oversize bars without the oversize clamps.  **BARS ONLY FIT 7/8 DIAMETER CLAMPS**


Handlebar Bends Information


Handlebar Raw Serie

The RAW series handlebars are designed for maximum comfort. Our unique tapering allows the bars to have increased strength while having the optimal amount of flex to reduce arm fatigue. They are constructed of T6 7075 aluminum, making them as strong or stronger than any non-cross bar handlebar on the market.


Handlebar Bends Information


Hybrid Rear Sprocket

Inner ring in 7075 aluminum and special hardened steel outer ring combine low weight with maximum lifespan, CAD designed, CNC machined and laser cut using state of the art technology.  Precise manufacturing interlocks both rings, eliinates all movement.  Sector optimized layout for maximum strength and lowest weight.  Inner ring is color anodized coated for extra strength and durability.


Apico Front Sprocket Lite

Apico Launch Controls

CNC machined from billet aluminium, with laser-etched Apico logo, these dual-hinged launch control as used by top race teams. The Launch Control keeps the forks compressed keeping the front end down out of the gate and for the all-important first corner. A 4 point fork mounting button, gives a precise location for locking into place every time. Comes with a fork cutting template to help mount the device.


Apico’s CNC’d Pro Bite foot peg has removable steel tooth plate and silicone insert and are made wider than OEM pegs to offer greater stability. The Pro Bite is available in manufacturer’s colourways, and has the added colourway of titanium across all fitments and years for all manufacturers.

Apico Throttle Sleeve Alloy inc Bearing

In-built bearing and anti-friction sleeve offer an unrivalled feel and super-smooth action to the twist grip. Sealed bearing at the outer end of the tube reduces friction. Anti-friction sleeve at the cable end. Dirt cannot get in between the tube and bar. Makes cleaning the throttle tube a thing of the past

Moto Filter Oil Filter

Moto Filter provides incomparable performance and affordability.

With exceptional experience, continuous research and development along with modern production facilities Moto Filter manufacture some of the best oil filters available.

MTX Front Sprocket

MTX OE Steel sprockets are strong and durable, heat-treated and hand-finished for longevity. Front sprockets are constructed from SCM420 chromoly steel alloy. Designed as an OEM replacement to exceed OEM specifications at a fraction of the price, making them your ideal cost-effective solution for replacing old worn and warped sprockets.


These levers offer the complete solution upgrade from OEM, a lever that looks good, can flex forwards through 110°, and are forged therefore able to bend rather than break in most impact scenarios. The motocross, endure and trials ranges are anodised in manufacturer specific colours with the optional titanium colourway for all applications. There is an Apico laser-etched logo on the front of each lever blade.

Apico have developed their own flexi levers that set them aside from the competition, and offer advantages to keep your lever looking better and performing for longer. We have opted for a higher quality spring, this helps in the event of a crash and stays stronger for longer. There is a notch on top of the lever for the spring to sit into, and a rubber sleeve on the end of the spring that sits in the notch, this prevents scratching to the lever.

The adjuster screw on all Motocross, Enduro and Trials flexi levers allows you to change the reach of the lever to give you a more personal feel to your own set up.  

6D Parts

6D parts and clothing

To order a 6D piece or clothing :

Email @ isabel@mddistributions.com

You can also add 6D parts to order to the note portion of an order.

Politic Notice

Sizing Chart 6D Helmets



Apico Brake Pedals are designed and tested at the highest level. Manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminium and feature an OEM type forged shaft, a ridged finish on the shaft increases grip helps to reduce mis-breaking commonly associated with a smooth design.

Apico Flexible tips are CNC machined billet aluminium with stainless steel tooth plate and rubber insert for grip. The stainless steel tooth plate provides better grip and will not wear like aluminium tips you may find on the market. Apico Brake Pedal Tips also feature a tooth plate instead of screws, simply due to the fact that screws fall out. A spring loaded rotatable tip completes the Apico Brake Pedal which under impact, such as in a rut, will spin to reduce damage.

Apico Brake Pedal Tips also incorporate a stop on the pivot tip, this stops the tip at 90 degrees of rotation preventing damage that can occur if the tip rotates under the clutch cover.

Apico Brake Pedals come complete a cable brake snake, this helps prevent the pedal shaft being bent around in a collision.



The new Apico Elite MX & Enduro gear pedals have been made exclusively for Apico in the UK. The dual colour fully anodised tip is machined from 6061-T6 aluminium, in black and the relevant colour depending on the manufacturer. This gives a fresh new look to the pedal with the laser-etched Apico logo really standing out on the black background at the front of the tip. This blends well with the forged arm that also has a laser-etched logo, setting a new standard compared to all the other existing gear pedals on the market. Even the bolt that holds the tip onto the arm has been given a specialist black colour coating and superior factory finish compared to other pedals available.



Made from High-grade 6061-T6 aluminium

Hard anodized surface treatment for added strength and durability

Lightweight material and design

1.5mm deeper profile than OEM for increased oil capacity


Apico Performance+ clutch kits offer the complete solution as with our Factory Racing kits, with the added benefit of having aramid fibre papers on the friction plates. This enables them to work at higher temperatures and makes them more durable than standard giving an overall better performance. These products are specifically developed for motocross and enduro bikes.


DT-1 aluminum cages are a high quality replacement for your stock plastic cage.  The screen less cage with our air filters is sure to give your bike a healthy increase in horsepower. It’s used by factory teams around the world.

1-80-47C needs 1-80-47SE



Stiffer and smoother than OEM, produces better consistnecy and fell than the standard part.


Chain adjuster Blocks hold the wheel precisely in place while tightening the chain and stay in position even when the axle is removed.


Factory style upgrade from your OEM part


CNC machined from aviation grade 7075-T6 alloy the MTX Zero Alloy Rear Sprockets are your go-to option for the lightest possible sprocket solution. Constructed with self-cleaning mud grooves to increase the life of both your chain and sprocket. Computer designed weight reduction holes make the MTX Zero 66% lighter than the steel equivalent (model dependent) while maintaining maximum strength and durability. The anodised finish provides a factory look while preventing additional wear to the sprocket.

Computer designed weight reduction holes
Less rotational mass improves acceleration and deceleration


Offering the best of both worlds, with a 7075-T6 aluminium alloy centre and a durable steel outer ring, held together by a sturdy and durable stainless steel rivet. MTX Raptor Bi-Metal rear sprockets will last 3 times longer than an aluminium sprocket while weighing up to 50% less than a steel sprocket (model dependent). The perfect combination for longer life without compromising weight, complete with a factory anodised centre.

7075-T6 aluminium alloy centre
Durable steel outer ring induction hardened to 55HRC with nickel coating for long lasting performance
Rivetted with a sturdy stainless steel rivet and induction
up to 50% lighter than steel sprocket equivalent *(model dependent)
Presentable clamshell for an excellent presentation



Apico’s brake pads are manufactured by world-renowned brake pad manufacturer Goldfren. Together, they have developed pads for optimal off road use, for the highest levels of competition. There are few pads developed specifically for UK wet and muddy conditions, that cover a range of models and applications. There are 2 compounds Apico specifically used for front and rear applications.


Talon’s finish is of the highest standard and in 2022, Talon has stepped up the game even further with sprocket manufacturing on new machinery and tooling to continue to provide a top-quality product. All of our sprockets are designed and manufactured in the UK in house at Talon HQ.

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