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Spare parts


These levers offer the complete solution upgrade from OEM, a lever that looks good, can flex forwards through 110°, and are forged therefore able to bend rather than break in most impact scenarios. The motocross, endure and trials ranges are anodised in manufacturer specific colours with the optional titanium colourway for all applications. There is an Apico laser-etched logo on the front of each lever blade.

Apico have developed their own flexi levers that set them aside from the competition, and offer advantages to keep your lever looking better and performing for longer. We have opted for a higher quality spring, this helps in the event of a crash and stays stronger for longer. There is a notch on top of the lever for the spring to sit into, and a rubber sleeve on the end of the spring that sits in the notch, this prevents scratching to the lever.

The adjuster screw on all Motocross, Enduro and Trials flexi levers allows you to change the reach of the lever to give you a more personal feel to your own set up.  

Make/ModelPart No.Part No.Part No.
Honda CRF 250R/RX 04-20, CRF 450R/RX 02-20, CRF250X/450X 04-20 TTY001-RED
Honda CRF 150R 07-20TTY009-RED
Kawa/Suz/Yam, KXF/RMZ/YZF > 2020 4TTTY03-BLU
Yam YZ85 02-20TTY004-BLU
Yam YZ125/250 97-20, YZ125X/YZ250X 16-20 TTY006-BLU
KTM/HUSKY SX50 12-20, SX 02-20, TC50 17-20, TC65 17-20TTY010-ORA
KTM/HUSKY SX-F/FC250-450 16-20, EXC-F/FE 17-20, EXC150-300TPI 18-20TTY011-ORA
KTM/HUSKY SX/TC85 18-20, SX/TC125-250 17-20, EXC/XC/TX125-300-17-19TTY014-ORA
Suz/Kawa/KX/RM 65/85/125/250/500 > 20 2TTTY002-BLU

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