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Spare parts


Apico Performance+ clutch kits offer the complete solution as with our Factory Racing kits, with the added benefit of having aramid fibre papers on the friction plates. This enables them to work at higher temperatures and makes them more durable than standard giving an overall better performance. These products are specifically developed for motocross and enduro bikes.

CRF150 07-23CK-CRF150-0785
CR250 90-93, CR500 90-01CK-CR250-90135
CRF250R 20-21, CRF250RX 20-21CK-CRF250-20165
CRF450R 17-20, CRF450RX 17-20, CRF450X 19-23, CRF450L 19-20, CRF450RL 21-23CK-CRF450R-RX-17225
CRF450R 21-23, CRF450RX 21-23CK-CRF450R-RX-21200
KX65 00-23CK-KX65-0070
KX85 02-23, KX100 98-21, KX112 22-23, KX80 98-01CK-KX80-9885
KX250F 04-20CK-KXF250-04130
KX450F 06-20, KLX450 08-19 Requires the removal of the thin Judder friction plate and judder spring on the 2019 KX450F. These are replaced by a standard friction plate in this kit.CK-KXF450-06135
KX500 89-04CK-KX500-89135
SX50 13-23CK-KTM50-13210
SX65 02-23CK-KTM60-65-98-1390
SX85 18-23CK-KTM85-18190
SX125/150 19-23, XC-W125/150 2019, EXC TPI 150 20-23CK-KTM125-19240
SX250 13-23, SX300 23, SXF450 13-23, EXC250/300 13-18, EXC TPI250/300 18-23, EXC-F450/500 13-23CK-KTM250-13210
SXF250/350 19-23CK-KTMSX250F-19190
EXC-F250 14-23, EXC-F350 12-23CK-KTM-EXC-F250-19190
TC50 17-23CK-KTM50-13210
TC65 17-23CK-KTM60-65-98-1390
TC85 18-23CK-KTM85-18190
TC125 19-23, TE150 19, TE150I 20-23, TX125 19CK-KTM125-19240
TC250 14-23, FC450 14-23, TE250/300 14-18, TE250I/300I 18-23, FE450/501 14-23, TX300 17-19, TX300I 20-23, FX450 17-23CK-KTM250-13210
FC250/350 19-23, FX350 19-23CK-KTMSX250F-19190
FE250/350 14-23CK-KTM-EXC-F250-19190
MC50 21-23CK-KTM50-13210
MC65 21-23CK-KTM60-65-98-1390
MC85 21-23CK-KTM85-18190
MC125 21-23CK-KTM125-19240
MC250 22-23, MC450F 21-23, EC250/300 21-23, EX250 22-23, EX300 21-23, EX450F 21-23CK-KTM250-13210
MC250F 21-23, MC350F 22-23, EX250F 21-23, EX350F 21-23CK-KTMSX250F-19190
EC250F/350F 21-23CK-KTM-EXC-F250-19190
RM65 03-05CK-KX65-0070
RM-Z250 10-22CK-RMZ250-10135
RM-Z450 05-22, RM-X450 10-11CK-RMZ450-05165
YZ65 18-23CK-YZ65-1885
YZ85 02-23CK-YZ85-0290
YZ125 93-01 & 05-23, YZ125X 20-23CK-YZ125-93125
YZ250 02-23, YZ250X 16-23CK-YZ250-02150
YZ250F 14-18CK-YZF250-14135
YZ250F 19-23CK-YZF250-19210
YZ450F 14-22, WR450F 19-23, YZ450FX 19-23CK-YZF450-14210
YZ450F 2023
TE250/300 13-14, FE450/501 13-14CK-KTM250-13210

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