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Handlebar 7/8 SERIE

Constructed from the highest quality aerospace aluminum for maximum strength, the pro series handlebar is also engineered to ‘’flex’’ for reduced arm fatigue. Mika handlebars contain multiple applications for personalized fit, and are also available in 7/8’’ and 1 1/8’’

MIKA METALS 7/8 BAR 7075 pro series
YZ BEND/REED mk-78-yz8039220557
RC BEND/HONDA STOCK/KAW STOCK (997)mk-78-rc8029920054
CR HIGH BEND (918)mk-78-ch7959520556
CR LOW BENDmk-78-cl8026620057
MC BEND (999)mk-78-mc8058520555
STEWART/VILLOPOTO BEND (996)mk-78-stv8059318055
KTM BENDmk-78-kt8059023050
SX BEND (STOCK HUSKY BIG BIKE)mk-78-sx8108019051
BBT (BIG BIKE TALL)mk-78-bbt81212019057
MINI HIGH BENDmk-78-mih74011817542
MINI LOW BENDmk-78-mil7509517542
MINI NARROWmk-78-min7158814445
MINI WIDE (STOCK KTM/HUSKY 85cc)mk-78-mw7798812243
PW 50mk-78-pw5608012050
KTM 50 CC TYKEmk-78-tyke
PIT BIKE HIGHmk-78-pbh74017518044
PIT BIKE LOWmk-78-pbl78015018044

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